A Newspaper Publisher That Is Now Constrained to Just 3 ‘W’s’

Behold the funniest print journalism spoof since John Oliver's 2016 Spotlight riff

Bloody hell, this is hilarious.

Earlier this week, we wrote about Mark Humphries’ fun send-up of the Kendall Jenner Pepsi commercial. Lo and behold, the man who does satire for Viceland Australia’s weekday evening program The Feed has followed that up with an even more inspired take-down of newspaper industry downsizing.

Beyond our hint in the headline, we’re not going to spoil any of the punchlines, other than to note that Humphries tees things up by proudly exclaiming, as a faux Fairfax Media managing director, that the publisher’s new sustainable business model is “sacking more journalists.” His framing of the findings of a recent “branded investigation” is another highlight.

Mark us down, as of this week, as new fans of both Humphries and The Feed.

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