Satellite TV Continues to Bite Into Wired Cable

Satellite TV, the largest component of alternative delivery systems to wired cable, continues to take a bite out of wired cable’s market share. ADS penetration reached 28.1 percent of TV households in May, up from 27.1 percent a year ago, representing 31.7 percent of subscription TV customers, according to a Television Bureau of Advertising analysis of Nielsen data.

Satellite penetration grew to 27.7 percent of TV households, up from 27.5 percent a year ago, while wired cable remained about the same at 61.4 percent slightly up from 61.2 percent.

In many top 50 markets, ADS represent more than a third of TV households. For example, in Dallas-Ft. Worth, ADS represent 38.2 percent of TV households; in Sacramento, Calif. 40.1 percent; and in Los Angeles, 34.8 percent.