Santa Clarita Diet Keeps Mispronouncing ‘Realtor,’ and Now It’s Brilliantly Trolling Fans Who Complain

Get ready for the 'real-a-ter' supercut

Santa Clarita Diet's main characters are Realtors who can't seem to pronounce 'Realtor.'

Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet is a brilliantly dark comedy with two stomach-turning caveats: It’s super gross, and it can’t pronounce the word “Realtor.”

Sure, it’s common for normal people to mispronounce the word as “real-a-ter,” but this is a show about Realtors, and yet they don’t seem capable of saying their own job title. (Come on, just say it like it sounds: “real-tor.” Why are you adding a syllable?)

Like any TV-watching word nerd, I took my complaint about this to the one place where I knew I’d find people who share my persnickety annoyance: Twitter.

What I didn’t expect was for the show to respond. And what a response it was.

Here’s my original tweet:

And here’s the show’s response, in the form of a wonderfully infuriating supercut that includes every (flawed) mention of the word Realtor:

I’m clearly not the only one who complained. The show’s Twitter account also responded to another member of the pronunciation police:

Not many shows would bother responding to tweets like this, and almost none would go so far as to make a custom supercut highlighting a consistent mistake (though admittedly it’s hard to tell from the #SorryNotSorry response if the show actually agrees its actors are saying the word wrong).

When I shared the video response on Twitter, Santa Clarita Diet’s social team clearly gained a few fans:

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