Rush & Malloy Sue MTV Over Ex-Intern

As if interns aren’t exploited enough, the former husband and wife gossip team Rush & Molloy are trying to make some dough off one former coffee-fetcher.

George Rush and Joanna Molloy, who retired their long-running Daily News column last May, hope to squeeze $30,000 out of MTV for the privilege of featuring their former intern, Shallon Lester, in the reality show Downtown Girls, according to a lawsuit filed Thursday in Manhattan Supreme Court.

The couple is suing the cable network, claiming they were stiffed on producer credits and $30,000 in fees regarding the little-seen reality show, according to the suit.

The original idea for Downtown Girls, the couple claims, was to follow two of the tabloid’s gossip-obsessed interns around the city as they trolled the Manhattan nightlife for celebrity missteps. The six-episode run of Downtown Girls aired this summer on MTV—though it followed six twenty-something women (including Lester) as they discussed sex, love and life in the city.

Rush & Molloy say that the production company Crossroads Films agreed to pay the duo $5,000 per show and credit them if the program ever aired on cable.

MTV and Crossroads did not immediately return calls for comment.