Ross Greenburg Leaving HBO Sports

Denies rumors of being fired

Ross Greenburg is resigning as president of HBO Sports, ending his 33-year career at the network. According to The New York Times, Greenburg said that he was not renewing his contract, which expires soon, and was not being dismissed, but was exhausted from his years of working on HBO’s boxing broadcasts and had been considering leaving the network for the past three months. “I’ve accomplished everything I hoped for,” he told the NYT in a phone interview.

He also shot down rumors that he was fired by HBO for losing one of its biggest boxing stars, Manny Pacquiao, to Showtime for his May 7 fight against Shane Mosley. “That’s a silly rationale. That added to my angst, but one fight doesn’t determine whether I stayed or didn’t stay,” he said.

“I lived through the loss of [Julio Cesar] Chavez and [Mike] Tyson,” he added. “I’ve been through a lot of wearing negotiations. I spent a lot of time appeasing promoters and managers.”

But according to one promoter who spoke anonymously with the NYT, “He was absolutely fired. The guy’s been twisting in the wind for months. They’ve been looking for a replacement.”

In a statement, HBO co-president Richard Plepler and president of programming Michael Lombardo said that Greenburg “helped redefine the sports programming genre and set an extraordinary standard of excellence in the industry.” During his career, Greenburg collected 51 Sports Emmys and 8 Peabody Awards, created HBO series Real Sports, Hard Knocks, and 24/7, and supervised dozens of documentaries.