R&B Artist Trey Songz Has a Personal Social App for His Fans

Multiplatinum singer and actor closes the celebrity gap


Who Trey Songz

Age 29

Accomplishments Multiplatinum R&B artist (his sixth studio album, Trigga, debuts July 1); founder of The Angel Network fan club app; actor

Base Los Angeles

What’s the first information you consume in the morning?

I usually recap my calendar as far as what I have to do that day. The other thing I do at the top of the day is look at the USA Today app, which is great. I get push notifications to keep up with what’s going on in the world. I also go to BuzzFeed a lot, and I like The Today Show in the morning. It’s usually just on in the background though.

Tell us about your social media habits. What are your go-to platforms?

I actually have my own social app, The Angel Network. The focus of that is basically to keep in touch with my fans—it’s a more personal experience. I upload videos there that I wouldn’t put on Instagram, have chat conversations with my fans, and they can get chances to win prizes and fly out to shows. I still think Twitter is amazing, and I use Instagram.

Who do you follow on Twitter?

One of the first people I followed, and still one of the most interesting, is Puff [Sean Combs] @iamdiddy. Shaq is always funny. I also follow Kanye, my manager Kevin Liles and ESPN SportsCenter.

What’s your favorite app?

I got this new game called Piano Tiles that’s kind of addictive. It’s good for hand-eye coordination. I also have a lot of photo apps that I use as well, like PicFlow and Snapseed. GoodReader is another great app. It’s basically a file manager that stores your music, PDFs, whatever. And I have a wine app, Vivino, where you take a picture of a wine label, and you can get all the information about it and actually purchase it.

How about music apps or gadgets for work?

The voice memo app that comes with the iPhone is great for recording song ideas. The Beats Music app is amazing, and the Billboard app is great for keeping up with what’s on the charts. Recently I’ve been using an app called DJcity where you can blend music to see how it sounds together.

What TV shows do you watch?

I love Boardwalk Empire, even though it was a little slow last year. Ray Donovan is great. And True Detective. Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson did an incredible job.

What’s on your reading list?

I’ve been reading Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. It gives you a great mentality for being the best at whatever it is that you do.

You recently went on Jimmy Kimmel to perform with the “viral jam session” guys. What’s your favorite viral video right now?

The one with the cat saving the boy was kind of incredible. There are a lot of funny Vine videos—there was actually a guy who did a video where he was imitating my voice while watching basketball. My younger brother and friends always send me these memes and funny videos.

How do you wind down before bed?

I might have a glass of wine, check my Twitter feed, send a message to my fans and then call my family and check in.