Q&A: ‘BusinessWeek’ Editor Josh Tyrangiel

Josh Tyrangiel, the former heir apparent at Time magazine who left that publication to become editor of BusinessWeek last November, is one happy guy. He’s busy, sure. And, admittedly tired. But the onetime music critic and Time Webmaster who also worked magic at MTV, Vibe and Rolling Stone is bullish on print and a dreamy Baltimore band. Read what the Renaissance man, 37, considers his greatest achievement and about his commitment to be, well, happy. 

Adweek: What was your first concert?
Josh Tyrangiel: Ozzy Osbourne and Metallica at the Capital Centre in Landover, Md., when I was 9.

Name three words that best describe you.
Happy, curious, sleepless.

What would others say about you?
He dresses so poorly.

What’s the forecast for print?
For those focused and disciplined I think the future is bright.

What’s the future of digital?
Only growing. People want to stay in the conversation constantly, but they also want fixity-they want to stop, open a magazine and tune out the world.

What’s the biggest lesson you learned in the past year from a mistake made?
It’s important to be aggressive. The marketplace rewards it now more than ever. If you sit back and wait, opportunities are gone. Don’t hesitate. At my previous job, the digital landscape was unsorted. We waited a little for it to sort out. You have to trust your gut and make moves. There’s so much competition it’s important to be out in front.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?
Professionally, to make products that people find meaningful and want to read, and to create an office environment that people find enjoyable. Personally, my 2-year-old daughter is pretty awesome. She should totally be on the [AdweekMedia] Hot List.

What media brand do you most admire, other than BusinessWeek, of course?
I think the Guardian is pretty great.

Have you had any mentors?
Walter Isaacson and Jim Kelly. Both really had a great impact on my development as a journalist, a writer and a magazine maker.

What’s the latest app you downloaded?
Evernote. It’s a mobile note pad. I can call it up at home, at work, on my iPhone. It’s very convenient. Everything is in the same place.

What’s the latest song or album you downloaded?
The latest Beach House album. It’s really interesting. I like it.

What movie role do you wish you could have played?
I think I’d like to be Harry Lime in The Third Man. It’s the greatest entrance in movie history. I’d like to make a great entrance.

In addition to this new chapter, what are others you hope your life’s manuscript will be about?
I hope it mirrors what’s good about this experience. It’s a great challenge to put something out that has meaning. The medium could change, but I like that recipe. That recipe makes me happy.

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