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Friday 4/22/11

Note: The following results are based on the fast affiliate ratings (Live Plus Same Day data). 

Household Rating/Share

CBS: 4.8/ 9, NBC: 3.5/ 6, ABC: 2.9/ 5, Fox: 1.9/ 3, CW: 1.3/ 2

Total Viewers:

CBS: 7.66 million, NBC: 5.28, ABC: 4.44, Fox: 3.12, CW: 2.10

Adults 18-49:

CBS: 1.4 rating/ 5 share, ABC and NBC: 1.2/ 4 each, Fox: 1.1/ 4, CW: 0.9/ 3

Note: Any prior rating results are based on the final nationals. Since the level of DVR penetration has increased from 33 percent at this same point last year to approximately 38 percent at present, the overall results may be negatively impacted.

Friday’s Winners:

Girl’s Night Out: Superstar Women of Country (CBS)


Smallville (CW), Supernatural (CW)

Friday’s Losers (excluding repeats):

Friday Night Lights (NBC), Primetime: What Would You Do? (ABC), Fringe (Fox), 20/20 (ABC), and the night overall

Ratings Breakdown:

CBS led the ratings-challenged Friday night troops, with a first-place finish in total viewers and adults 18-49 thanks to 9-11 p.m. special Girl’s Night Out: Superstar Women of Country. The special averaged 8.48 million viewers with a 1.6 rating/5 share from 9-11 p.m., with the half-hour breakdown as follows:

Girl’s Night Out: Superstar Women of Country (CBS)

9:00 p.m. – Viewers: 7.91 million (#1), A18-49: 1.5/ 5 (#1)

9:30 p.m. – Viewers: 8.18 million (#1), A18-49: 1.6/ 5 (#1)

10:00 p.m. – Viewers: 8.82 million (#1), A18-49: 1.7/ 5 (#1)

10:30 p.m. – Viewers: 8.99 million (#1), A18-49: 1.7/ 5(#1)

For low HUT-level Friday, consider this a “winning performance.”  Earlier in the evening on CBS was a repeat of CSI: NY in place of canceled three-episode Chaos at 6.04 million viewers (#1) and a second-place 1.0/ 3 (tied with NBC and Fox) among adults 18-49. Once upon a time, crime dramas of this nature were not allowed to lead off the evening.

Second-place NBC (which tied ABC in the demo) populated this third Friday in April with episode two of the final season of family drama Friday Night Lights (Viewers: #3, 3.75 million; A18-49: #2t, 1.0/ 3 at 8 p.m.), which just never resonated universally, and another two-hour edition of Dateline (Viewers: #2, 6.05 million; A18-49: #2, 1.4/ 4 from 9-11 p.m.).

Elsewhere, ABC’s Shark Tank, a Mr. TV favorite, won the 8 p.m. hour in adults 18-49 (1.4/ 5), which is certainly nothing to brag about, with a second-place finish in total viewers (4.90 million).  Next was Primetime: What Would You Do? at an unimpressive 3.80 million viewers (#3) and a 1.1/ 4 in the demo (#4) at 9 p.m., followed by 20/20 at 4.44 million viewers (#3) and a 1.2/ 4 among adults 18-49 (#3).  Primetime: What Would You Do? would be better served as a summer series only.  Unfortunately, the novelty has worn off.

Fox opened with a repeat of Kitchen Nightmares (Viewers: #4, 2.74 million; A18-49: #3t, 1.0/ 4 at 8 p.m.) into already renewed Fringe (Viewers: #4, 3.51 million; A18-49: #3, 1.2/ 4), which concludes for the season on May 6.  And The CW capped off the tired night with veteran Smallville (Viewers: #5, 2.23 million; A18-49: #5, 0.9/ 3), which officially ends with a two-hour episode on May 13, followed by Supernatural (Viewers: #5, 1.97 million; A18-49: #5, 0.9/ 3).  Chances are Supernatural will inherit the Friday 8 p.m. hour next season despite its ongoing lackluster performance.