PewDiePie Fires Back at ‘Haters’ Over the $7.4 Million He Made on YouTube

Gets angry comments about huge earnings

One of YouTube's biggest stars responded to criticism about how much money he reportedly earned last year from his gaming videos.

PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, made $7.4 million from the videos in 2014, according to Swedish newspaper Expressen. Kjellberg's YouTube channel, on which he posts videos of himself playing video games while commenting on them, has more than 37 million subscribers.

In a video posted on his page called "Let's Talk About Money," Kjellberg fired back at his detractors, saying, "To see so many people being upset about this whole thing, it's just sad. It's such a waste."

During his six-minute-plus rant, Kjellberg read aloud some of the online vitriol, including one comment saying all he does is sit there and scream at nothing. "I mean, I scream at games," he said. "It would be kind of awesome if I scream at nothing, though."

Kjellberg also expressed frustration that the money he raised for charity received far less coverage. "We did raise a million dollars for charity, and very few articles picked up on that. But here it is everywhere how much money I make," he said.

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