PBS to GOP: Public Doesn’t Want to Cut Our Funding

With a budget ax looming over public broadcasters, PBS is trying to put a little scare into members of Congress. On Tuesday, the network released new research showing that 69 percent of Americans oppose House Republicans’ plan to eliminate all funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
Even 56 percent of Republicans surveyed oppose the cut, according to polls conducted by a pair of bipartisan firms, Hart Research (Democrat) and American Viewpoint (Republican). Democrats were overwhelmingly opposed to the idea, with 83 percent of those surveyed weighing in against.
Even within the 42 percent of voters who say that reducing the deficit should be the nation’s top priority, 60 percent oppose eliminating funding for public broadcasting.
“The funding of PBS is not an ideological battle,” said Linda DiVall of American Viewpoint. “A majority of conservatives (53 percent) oppose eliminating government funding for public broadcasting.”
The telephone survey of 804 registered voters was commissioned by PBS, which provides most of the programming for 360 television stations.