Oprah Winfrey Wants O.J. Simpson to Confess on Her Network

Says she needs to play a more central role in OWN

Oprah Winfrey had a message for the industry operatives gathered in her home city of Chicago at the final day of the Cable Show this morning: "I wouldn't bet against me."

It was a pointed acknowledgement of the dismal performance by her Discovery-owned cable network OWN, which has been plagued by changes in leadership and poor ratings since its launch in January.

Winfrey acknowledged the network's struggles, and took the opportunity to underline a point that she and the press have been making about her network for months—namely, that in order to turn OWN around, she will have to start playing a much more visible role in its operation.

"I need to be there. I need to be engaged and involved," she said. "I  need to do the same thing I did on my show every day."

Though Winfrey echoed much of what has been said about her network in the media, she insisted that she doesn't  pay attention to the bad press surrounding OWN's struggles. "I know there's a lot of scrutiny . . . I haven’t paid a lot of attention," she said. "I don’t open my press emails because there's nothing I can do about it."

But Winfrey said she's ready to be involved. She said she would conduct interviews on OWN from time to time, but only when they promise to be particularly compelling. Such as?

"I have a dream of O.J. Simpson confessing to me," she said.