Online Fuels Ad Surge in Canada

The Canadian advertising market is expected to return to positive growth in 2010, boosted by a surge in online spending, according to eMarketer.
The firm estimates total advertising spending in Canada will reach $10.13 billion, up 3.8 percent from $9.77 billion in 2009, when the ad market shrunk 6 percent.

“The Canadian economy and ad market contracted in 2009, but not nearly as much as the U.S., and recovery has been swifter in Canada than its southern neighbor as well,” said eMarketer analyst Mike Froggatt.
One significant reason for growth has been the continued rise of the online advertising market. eMarketer estimates advertisers will spend $1.85 billion in online advertisements this year, up 16 percent from $1.6 billion in 2009.
By 2014, the firm estimates revenues from Internet ads will make up more than 27 percent of total advertising revenues in Canada, compared to just 18.3 percent this year.