Olbermann Reveals New Show Contributor List

Eugene Robinson out, Richard Lewis and Ken Burns in

Keith Olbermann has announced the list of contributors to his new show on Current TV and they include documentarian Ken Burns, filmmaker Michael Moore, Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas, and comedian Richard Lewis.

"I'm delighted and honored that so many of my friends—who are not coincidentally among the top progressive and entertainment voices in the country today—will be joining me as contributors to Countdown on Current,” Olbermann is quoted as saying in a press release.

Olbermann first announced plans for a new show in a video release late last month. Like his previous program on MSNBC, it will be called Countdown With Keith Olbermann and is set to premier June 20th.

Amid tension with network executives, Olbermann left MSNBC in early January, in part over political contributions that were deemed in contravention of the network’s rules. At his new network, Olbermann has the title of Current's chief news officer, in addition to executive producer of Countdown.

The lineup of contributors is no minor announcement since they serve as a backbone of his show format (Olbermann’s analysis is usually supplemented by a rotating cast of returning contributors). Notably absent from today’s announcement were many of the regulars from the old show—including former Newsweek writer (and current HuffingtonPost Senior Politics Editor) Howard Fineman and Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson, both of whom are still MSNBC contributors.