Olbermann Gives In to Fan Criticisms

Won't keep show running into Maddow time slot

After a flurry of controversy, Keith Olbermann's new show will start finishing on time. 

This past Monday, Olbermann announced during the premiere of his new Current TV show, Countdown With Keith Olbermann, that he would "be going past the top of the hour almost every night," adding, "I'm sorry, I forgot to tell everyone." The move, which would have carried Olbermann's 8:00 p.m. Countdown through the start of Rachel Maddow's 9:00 p.m. program on MSNBC, sparked a flurry of Twitter recriminations from fans who like both of the former colleagues.

Now it appears Olbermann is reversing his decision in response to the controversy and will end his show on time after all. In a series of tweets this afternoon, Olbermann said "at Current we'll soon have a 9:00 p.m. companion commentary show to mine. But in the interim there is no reason for me to be overlapping with my friend Rachel, nor to ignore the wishes of those who've been so loyal to both of us for so long." He continued, "Tomorrow night Countdown finishes at 9. Bonus stuff will instead go to Countdown Online. Thanks for upsiding my head on this."

There has been no word yet on what the companion commentary show he mentioned will be.