O Canada!

I would have devoted the most recent Mr. TV to my trip to the 2008 Banff World Television Festival, but it was column No. 200. And that, of course, was worthy of a full page of reflection. So, on a belated note, let me take you through my journey to what I think is one of the most beautiful places in the world: Banff, Canada.

The purpose of my trip was to present my Fall 2008 Broadcast Television Preview and have a one-on-one conversation on stage with ABC Studios president Mark Pedowitz, who was the recipient of Outstanding Achievement at the Alberta Film Annual Awards lunch.

The good news from the get-go was the availability of TV on Air Canada, HBO in particular. Although this is the more PG-rated version of the network, i.e. a fully clothed Kim Catrall on Sex and the City, it was an opportune time to catch up with the once must-see cable network. I refer to it that way because shows like Tell Me You Love Me and John From Cincinnati just didn