NRRC Makes PPM Recommendations

The Network Radio Research Council, the organization that coordinates network radio’s relationship with Arbitron, released Monday (May 18) its recommendations for posting and re-rating network radio estimates produced by Arbitron’s RADAR service. For the past year, Arbitron has been gradually including PPM panelists in its heretofore all-diary-based measurement service based on more than 300,000 respondents.

The NRRC, whose members include the major radio networks such as Citadel Media, Dial Global, Westwood One and Premiere Radio Network, recommended that advertisers should post their buys based on the survey used to buy the commercial time.

As Arbitron integrates the two measurement methodologies, the NRRC stressed that the mix of diary/PPM may cause changes in reported estimates that are due to differences in the methodologies and not a real change in audience delivery or commercial clearances.

“The process by which the PPM data is being integrated into our national audience databases is unprecedented in any broadcast medium,” said Pamela Foster, vp of research for Crystal Media Networks and current chair of the NRRC, which developed its recommendation following consultation with Arbitron. “This recommendation is intended to serve as a guide for evaluating the delivery of purchased schedules.”

Arbitron will continue to integrate the two methodologies through 2011 as it commercializes the PPM in the top 50 markets.

Since PPM is only set to be deployed in the top 50 markets, the RADAR ratings will always be based on a mix of the two methodologies.