NewMediaMetrics Weighs In on New TV Season

Links emotional attachment of brands to programs

Will die-hard Apple fans fall for Zooey Deschanel the same way they love their iPads? NewMediaMetrics is convinced they will. The New York analytics company correlates the behavior of people with a high degree of loyalty to certain brands with their most favorite media habits.

Each year the company surveys 3,500 consumers, aged 13-54, to gauge their "emotional attachment" to 330 brands and to more than 350 media properties to create a link between the two.

In the case of Apple, for instance, NewMediaMetrics found that in addition to Deschanel’s New Girl on Fox, fans of the brand will also like new broadcast entries Once Upon a Time on ABC and Person of Interest on CBS. Among debuting programs on cable, they’ll be drawn to Curiosity: The Questions of Life on Discovery and TNT shows Falling Skies and Franklin & Bash.

Interestingly, NewMediaMetrics found Dell and HP loyalists are expected to share those same cable interests in new programming. But when it comes to new broadcast offerings, Dell fans will be drawn to Prime Suspect on NBC, Ringer on the CW, and ABC’s Last Man Standing, while those who love their HP products will take to Grimm on NBC, Last Man Standing on ABC and Person of Interest on CBS.

So much for the research firm's "TV Study." More tellingly, NewMediaMetrics' "360 Study" shows Google Search is the No. 1 media habit among Apple loyalists, and Fox, with New Girl, comes in at No. 10 and is the first mention of network TV.

Gary Reisman, a former exec at media companies like Turner Broadcasting and as well as ad agencies Y&R, Draftfcb and Wunderman, is one of NewMediaMetrics founders. He argues that people are more likely to pay attention to ad messages from a brand they like when they are positioned within a media environment to which they are highly attentive.

“We need to find for marketers the intersection between consumers who have a high attachment to a brand and a media property in which they are highly engaged,” he said.


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