Netflix Releases Much-Anticipated Gilmore Girls Revival Trailer

The series will premiere the day after Thanksgiving

With one month until the premiere of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, it's time to commence freaking out.

Netflix released a brand new trailer today, full of unseen footage from the new series, which will air Nov. 25 with four 90-minute episodes.

The characters must deal with the passing of Richard Gilmore, the patriarch of the family, and Rory and Lorelai's seemingly stagnating careers and relationships, respectively.

Previously, the platform promoted the show with pop-up diners/cafes, which featured a Snapchat element that was immensely popular with fans.

As the Gilmore Girls (and Netflix) Twitter accounts also uploaded the trailer, fans were rocked to their emotional cores, as was to be expected:

Excited fans will only have to wait one more month to be reunited with the town of Stars Hollow, Rory's many boyfriends and countless cups of coffee. With the timing of this revival, Netflix is shaping up to give viewers the best Thanksgiving present of all: whimsy.