NBC’s Brian Williams Gives Us a Tour of His Office Oasis

Ed Note: Adweek posted this tour of NBC Nightly News' Brian Williams' office on Feb. 3, the day before the anchor became embroiled in controversy. Williams' tale of being aboard a U.S. military helicopter in Iraq that was forced down by an RPG in 2003 caught up with him after the pilot who flew Williams' helicopter disputed his story. Williams apologized on air to viewers on Feb. 4. NBC is now investigating.


If you've ever seen his nightly broadcast, then you know Brian Williams is thoughtful. But nowhere is this fact more evident than inside his office at 30 Rock where, on any given weekday, he can be found writing copy for the evening's broadcast. And on the 10th anniversary of Williams hosting NBC Nightly News, we took a peek inside the space where the newscaster keeps some of his most meaningful mementos collected over the years.

"When you're dealing with a landmark building constructed during the Depression era, office space is precious," he said. "It's not large, but it's the perfect bunker-like respite. The one thing I cannot escape in there is the clock: Every second from about 4:30 to 6:30 I can feel in my chest. It's deadline pressure. As we like to say, NBC Nightly News doesn't air each night because it's ready—it airs because it's time to do it."


First Career

For five years, Williams wore the helmet as a volunteer firefighter in New Jersey.


Historical Displays

The middle shelf displays a Sharpie drawing by Muhammad Ali (l.) and Martin Luther King Jr.'s autograph believed to date back to 1967.



Many items with personal meaning are displayed, including a Peabody Award and numerous fire helmets.


Childhood Memories

Williams' childhood baseball idol, Hank Aaron, gave the newscaster a signed ball at a 2006 dinner in New York.


Piece of History

This B-24 control panel from an American WWII aircraft was recovered in a field in Great Britain. "What I wouldn't give to meet the men who operated that panel and went up to the skies each day to fight in the titanic struggle for the future of the world," said Williams.


Family Props

Kristen Wiig used the doll hands as part of an SNL skit on NBC.


Sports Fan

Williams is a big Nascar fan: This helmet was signed in 1995 by Dale Earnhardt.


Space Shot

A signed photo of the Apollo astronauts is especially meaningful to Williams, a fan of space exploration. 


Jersey Boy

A fellow New Jersey native and friend of Williams, Bruce Springsteen took this photo of Tillie, the Asbury Park mascot.