NBC Wants a Trump Decision in Time for Upfronts

They've been 'calling him every hour'

NBC is pushing Donald Trump, host of Celebrity Apprentice, to make a decision about whether he will run for president—before the network unveils its fall lineup this Sunday.

Trump has already said that he plans to make an announcement (or at least an announcement about an announcement) after the season finale of Celebrity Apprentice on May 22. But the New York Post says that NBC wants a statement in time for Monday’s upfront to create buzz with advertisers and affiliates. NBC has supposedly "been calling Trump every hour" and making offers close to $60 million—although it’s unclear if that sum is related to a multiyear deal, says the Post.

If Trump chooses to take a deal and stick with Celebrity Apprentice, he would have to abandon his White House dreams since it would be impossible for him to continue with the business dealings necessary for the show without facing intense scrutiny.

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