NBA, TiVo Ink Ratings Deal

The National Basketball Association is working with TiVo to evaluate just how DVR-proof televised basketball really is. The DVR pioneer has inked a deal with the NBA for ratings and interactive ad services.

Under the agreement, TiVo will provide the league with a comprehensive audience measurement reports evaluating the entire 2008-09 NBA season as viewed by TiVo subscribers.

The report will be based on data from TiVo’s  Stop||Watch™ ratings service and will provide a second-by-second analysis of viewing habits and commercial ratings for every prime-time NBA game.  

In addition, the NBA will promote this year’s finals using TiVo’s interactive advertising solutions. The NBA is the first professional sports league to embrace TiVo’s interactive advertising solutions, the DVR company said.
“We are impressed with the power and impact of TiVo’s interactive advertising solutions and audience research,” said NBA executive vp of marketing partnerships, Mark Tatum. “This is a great tool for us to further promote The Finals and show advertisers the advantages of live NBA programming to deliver commercial audiences in the world of DVR-based viewing.”
Tara Maitra, general manager and vp of content services and advertising sales at TiVo Inc., said the NBA agreement shows that “even those who theoretically should be the least concerned about this new DVR environment are finding the kinds of ad and research solutions we provide [helpful],” allowing them to understand the constantly evolving media landscape, and one in which DVRs will likely play a growing role.   
The 2009 Finals begin Thursday night at 9 p.m. on ABC in the U.S., as well as in more than 200 other countries.