MuseWorx Enlists Rosenshine, Ellis

NEW YORK MuseWorx, a provider of marketing automation systems, has tapped two well-known Madison Avenue veterans — Allen Rosenshine and Len Ellis — to help launch a new Web-based service called the MuseWorx Marketing Operating System.

Rosenshine, the former BBDO chairman who retired at the end of the 2006, has joined the company’s advisory board, while former Wunderman evp Ellis was named president of the company’s Eastern region.

Rosenshine spent 44 years in the ad business, almost all of it at BBDO, which he joined in 1965. He helped form agency holding company and BBDO parent Omnicom Group in 1986. Today he holds the title of chairman emeritus at the Omnicom shop. Ellis served at Wunderman from 2000-06, and he was an advertising and marketing consultant immediately before joining MuseWorx.

The latest MuseWorx automation system uses so-called “cloud computing” to offer clients an array of marketing and project management tools to design, develop and manage the work flow for campaigns and other marketing projects. Subscribers access the MuseWorx software via virtual servers on the Web.

According to Ellis, the MuseWorx system allows clients to more efficiently manage their marketing programs, coordinating the efforts of numerous players involved while avoiding some costly software investments. “You need a team of diverse experts. They are not interchangeable and they need to collaborate,” Ellis said. “The marketing process is iterative, with a lot of input and output, redesign and back and forth. It requires coordination and collaboration and this system addresses that.”

Rosenshine said MuseWorx executives contacted him more than a year ago seeking advice on how to market the system. After a series of conversations, Rosenshine agreed to join their advisory board to “help them organize their communications from a branding perspective,” he said. “I’m helping them communicate the value proposition in terms that fulfill their need for branding in a conflicting and confusing milieu,” he said. The basic branding message, he said, needs to be “simple, consistent and repeatable.”

Rosenshine noted that MuseWorx isn’t the first company to offer an automated marketing system. “Other companies have been promising this for years,” although many of them have fallen short on delivering their promises, he added.

Though he’s not a technology expert, Rosenshine said that based on the early response from users who have tested the system “it seems to me they’re the real deal and the real deal has been a long time coming.”

Ellis is currently talking to trade groups such as the Interactive Advertising Bureau, the Association of National Advertisers and others. “Creating ads is more complex today, driven by media proliferation,” he said. “If I’m creating a online display ad, I need the IAB specs. For direct mail I need list suppression rules, so we’re trying to get all of these resources, protocols and parameters on to the [new MuseWorx] platform.” Already on board is the Direct Marketing Association Affiliate Network and, a stock photo and illustrations resource.

MuseWorx is a subsidiary of MRGinternational, a company owned by David Fritsch, a former NASA engineer, and Robert Wilson, a business consultant and software developer. The pair has developed customized computer-based marketing tools for a number of Fortune 500 companies, including Citibank and American Express, as well as software management systems for branches of the federal government.

MuseWorx, said co-founder Wilson, simplifies the marketing process, creating a “single, shared and secure ecosystem that integrates functions, processes, software, people and resources.”