MTV Comes to Tumblr

Network's social foray to feature original and re-blogged content

In its latest effort to drive digital expansion, MTV has launched a Tumblr featuring original and re-blogged content.

Kristin Frank, general manager of MTV and VH1 Digital, told Mashable that the network decided to create the Tumblr for several reasons. #MTV is already one of the more popular Tumblr tags, she says, and the channel wants to take part in sharing its content. MTV also wants to target the web culture and design communities, which it thinks will mesh well with its image. The Tumblr will also be a way for MTV to showcase the talents of its employees: Many of the company’s staffers will be contributors, under the supervision of MTV’s social media manager Tom Fishman.

“We feel like MTV could be a really powerful curatorial force,” says Fishman. “We’ll be tastemakers in things that we create and also highlighters of culture.” The blog will feature more niche content re-blogged from other users, and on June 5, staff members will to live-blog the MTV Movie Awards on the Tumblr.

MTV has been making an attempt to become more digitally involved—it recently launched a digital music awards show, the OMAs—but the Tumblr is the network’s first official foray into social blogging.