MSNBC Airing 15-Second Daily News Video

One bite-sized story, aimed at younger audiences

Now you have no excuse to not have time for the news. MSNBC announced it will be airing 15-second pieces produced by NowThis News as part of a series called 15 Seconds to Truth.

“MSNBC viewers want honest and informed perspectives that explore the often overlooked angles of important stories,” Phil Griffin, president of MSNBC, said in a statement. “With this new series, we aim to continue delivering that unique vantage point in a visually gripping way, on-air and on mobile and social platforms.”

One story will be featured daily, mostly focused on topics that may appeal to a younger audience. It will be used as a bumper in or out of commercial breaks, and the videos will also be shared on both companies various social channels. For example, the inaugural clip on Monday used its time to explain a little more about the youth protests in Italy

NBCUniversal News Group and the digital video upstart have partnered since January and have produced numerous short-form videos together. However, this will mark the first time that Now This News will create content specially for MSNBC airwaves and will have a daily slot on its broadcast.

Recently, CNN also announced that it was creating a 15-second news recap for its Twitter audience. But where its competitors seem to want to do a broad overview of events, NowThis News and MSNBC want to focus on just one story—and go as in depth as you can get in just 15 seconds.