Michael Schwimmer Exits Fuse Media After 16 Years

COO/CFO Mike Roggero will take his place in the interim

Michael Schwimmer is leaving Fuse Media after 16 years.
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Michael Schwimmer, president and CEO of Fuse Media, has resigned from his role and will be replaced in the interim by Mike Roggero, the current COO/CFO of the company.

Schwimmer did not say where he would be heading next. His leave comes after being with the company for 16 years.

“I am excited about what’s next, both for myself and with Fuse, and glad to know that the company is in the excellent hands of a strong executive team under the leadership of Mike Roggero, someone who has played a large role in setting Fuse up for future success,” he said in a statement.

Roggero, who has been with the company for more than 12 years, has overseen the company’s finance, legal and pricing and planning departments. The company also credited him with being a top person in the acquisition of Fuse from the Madison Square Garden company.

“Michael’s grit and determination over the years—often in the face of long odds—have been a key ingredient to our culture and our success. We’ll greatly miss his steady hand and sense of humor,” Roggero said in a statement.

Fuse Media includes Fuse and Fuse Music (FM), live events and OTT apps.


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