Meredith, WE Announce Promo Pact

Meredith Corp. announced a wide-ranging promotional pact between its magazines (like Parents and Family Circle) and WE tv’s original shows (like Raising Sextuplets and Adoption Diaries), a deal both parties ultimately hope to parlay into advertising opportunities.

The agreement calls for Meredith to integrate mentions of WE’s series in the editorial pages of its magazines and on their Web sites. For example, Meredith expects to run stories in its magazines based on topics covered by the shows while mentioning the shows in the stories.

In exchange, WE tv, a subsidiary of Rainbow Media Holdings, will feature medical and lifestyle experts on Meredith’s magazines’ staff or editorial boards and run on-air banners featuring Meredith brands.

In June, for instance, Meredith’s Fitness will include an editorial promotion of WE’s new series, I Want to Save Your Life, in print and online, along with a Q&A in print with the weight-loss series’ star, Charles Stuart Platkin. Fitness will be integrated into episodes of the show and get on-air promotion.

In general, Meredith also will provide parenting, health and other content for WE’s Web site. WE will provide footage of the experts featured on its shows to Meredith’s Web sites.

Both parties are exploring ways to leverage their newly combined reach to advertisers. Meredith claims to reach 75 million each month and WE, 73 million homes, according to Nancy Weber, chief marketing officer at Meredith.