McGavren, Radio Rep Firm, Reforms

As Katz Media scoops up Interep’s largest radio clients, execs from one of Interep’s rep firms, McGavren Guild, announced Tuesday (Dec. 2) they have secured funding to operate as an independent national rep firm. The firm will be headed by former McGavren Guild execs Lisa Sonnenklar, president and Barry Fischer, executive vp and general manager.

Few details were available including who is funding the operation and what clients the firm has. McGavren Guild will continue to operate from its existing offices throughout the country with its current sales staff.

“We are thrilled to continue to offer the benefits of a true independent rep company. I believe strongly that with our new financial partners, McGavren Guild is poised to flourish in the months ahead,” said Sonnenklar.

That may be easier said than done. Katz has already signed Interep’s largest clients including CBS Radio, Entercom Communications, Lincoln Financial Media, and Beasley Broadcast Group.

Several Interep clients, about 600 stations, have yet to commit to a rep firm, including Spanish Broadcasting System.

Another small rep firm, Local Focus, is also in the game repping smaller market stations. Both of the firms’ client rosters pale in comparison to the national reach that Katz can offer advertisers.

Ironically, McGavren Guild was founded in the 1950s by Interep founder Ralph Guild and Daren McGavren.