Low Winter Sun Loses 55% of Key Demo in Second Frame

New AMC drama drops more than half of its demo despite Breaking Bad lead-in

The sun just got a lot lower: AMC's much-anticipated new cop drama Low Winter Sun lost more than half of its demo viewership in its second episode, logging a 0.5 among 18-49 year-old viewers versus last week's 1.1 rating. The total viewer number dipped, as well, with 41 percent fewer pairs of eyeballs (1.47 million) than last week. The show also lost 79 percent of its lead-in audience from smash hit Breaking Bad.

It's not a good sign for the gritty Detroit-set show, which boasts a cast of several Motor City natives led by Brit actors Mark Strong and Rennie James. Reviews of the show have been mixed, with most observing that the cops-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-law path is pretty well-trod in a TV world that has already seen The Wire and The Shield. But it should probably be said that AMC's only straight-out-of-the-barrel smash was The Walking Dead—Mad Men in particular took years to gain ratings that approximated the critical attention the show has always received.

AMC has two new series in the works: Turn, based on Washington's Spies (a popular history book about the Revolutionary War) as well as Halt & Catch Fire, about the dawn of the digital age. There's also more in development, notably an adaptation of Dan Simmons' horror novel The Terror.

The last crime show on the network, The Killing, suffered from critical derision after the central mystery went unsolved at the end of the first season; the subsequent season took a corresponding ratings hit, but AMC renewed it for a third, which has gained traction with both viewers and critics.