A Look Back at the Mythbusters Explosions That Moved Us

Kari Byron, Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara, collectively known as the M7 Build Team, won't be back on MythBusters next year. The news came rather abruptly from show hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage by way of a video released on the website today, which included no statement from any of the three cast members who won't be returning.

The video feels a little weird, honestly, but the show is "going in a different direction" (it sure is!) next year. Byron's Twitter feed is particularly terse:

A source says that Discovery is still talking to the three about future work (let's face it, MythBusters is old), but it's important to celebrate the past. So let's pour one out for the M7 team, and in doing so, let's remember some of the most interesting things they've blown up over the years.