On Location: CBS, Loopt Join Forces

NEW YORK CBS Mobile has partnered with Loopt, a social mapping and communications service, to offer location-based Web site advertising throughout the United States.

The service will be available on CBS Sports Mobile and CBS Mobile News sites as well as on Loopt and its partners venues.

The effort employs localization technology, such as GPS, to reach consumers while they are on the go, allowing advertisers to create highly targeted campaigns. (The location-based advertising will be available across several U.S. wireless carriers.)

The ads are not sent via text message, but rather through mobile sites that consumers access via their handsets. Consumer location history does not get stored.

“Location-based advertising is the sweet spot in mobile marketing. Through our partnership with Loopt, our advertisers will be able to deliver targeted messages to potential customers who, based on their location, might be very likely to click to make a purchase. This makes the ads highly relevant to consumers and advertisers at the same time,” said Cyriac Roeding, evp, CBS Mobile.

Sam Altman, CEO and co-founder of Loopt, said the intention is to “transform” mobile advertising into an integrated and useful service: “If you’re hungry and we take into account your location and time of day to display an ad for a restaurant offering free appetizers during happy hour, we’ve really blurred the line between advertising and content. It’s a win for everyone — consumers, advertisers, Loopt, CBS and our carrier and developer.”