LittleThings Announces Its Content Will Now Live on a Variety of Distribution Platforms

Publisher already sees 360 million monthly video views

With 3 hours of live content produced each day, LittleThings has a lineup of programming that advertisers can join.

LittleThings, a publishing company with a focus on positive and uplifting content, announced during its debut NewFronts event today in New York that it’s significantly increasing its distribution.

Videos from LittleThings will now be available through major distribution platforms like Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Sticks, XUMO and Pluto TV. LittleThings is already scoring more than 360 million monthly video views and reaching 55.8 million monthly unique visitors, according to comScore, and this new distribution will only add to those impressive totals.

With a schedule that will soon contain 13 shows all of which are produced in the company’s headquarters in New York, LittleThings tries to speak to a psychographic rather than a demographic.

“We do reach a demographic of 25- to 55-year-olds,” said Maia McCann, LittleThings’ editor in chief, “but you cross a lot of life stages in that time. We focus on the nesting and nurturing stages.”

LittleThings reaches over 14 million Facebook fans across its pages, and 1.1 million of those people have opted to turn on desktop notifications for when LittleThings goes live, which it does for up to three hours each day across its 12 shows.

“Brands work with us because they have a real opportunity to connect with our audience,” said Jordan Zaslow, an executive producer for LittleThings. “We speak our audience’s language, and we can tell our audience what a brand actually stands for.”

LittleThings has previously worked with brands like TD Bank, Crisco, Egg-land’s Best, Pedigree and many more.

Currently, the lineup of shows includes morning and evening “recap” style programs, called Refresh and Replay respectively; a tell-it-like-it-is show called Truth Bomb Mom; a show called The Hostess Next Door hosted by chef Vanessa Cantave; Slice, a food competition show that times chefs during challenges; Hands On, a DIY-style show; Pause, a show featuring pop culture and entertainment news; Best Or Hot Mess which tests the latest in beauty hacks to see how they work; The Beyond, a debunking show on life’s everyday mysteries; Wildlives, an animal-centric show; Poppa Peeke’s Parenting, a show about parenting from the male perspective; and Blank Canvas, which lets local artists demonstrate their abilities and talk directly to the audience.

A new show, which debuts on June 5, will act as a daytime panel-style talk show that will cover topics from motherhood to general positive news, much like the rest of the programming line-up.

“We are excited to further serve, and grow, our viewership by bringing our 13 long-form programs into an estimated 50 million additional households,” said Gretchen Tibbits, president and COO of LittleThings.