LIN, DISH Kiss and Make Up

The seven-day blackout of LIN Media’s 27 TV stations on DISH Network is over. The two companies announced Sunday they had reached a retransmission consent agreement, resuming carriage of the stations in 17 markets served by the satellite TV service.
Terms were not disclosed. In a number of press statements leading up to the blackout, DISH complained that LIN was looking for a 175 percent rate increase.
Vincent Sadusky, president and CEO of LIN, called the deal “a fair resolution.”
While the retransmission standoff between LIN and DISH is over, the issue of whether the retransmission consent rules should be reformed is not. One day before the LIN stations went dark on DISH, the Federal Communications Commission opened up a notice of proposed rule making asking for comments about proposals to help determine whether parties were acting in “good faith.”
DISH is one of several pay TV services that has been pressing the FCC to consider changes to the rules.