Launches ‘Broadcast’ Radio Station

Online music Web site, is launching Oct. 5 a new radio station that will air on the HD multicast channels of four CBS Radio stations in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco, CBS Interactive Music Group announced Friday (Sept. 11). The new station will be streamed online and available via CBS Radio’s streaming and mobile platforms, including AOL Radio and Yahoo Music.

CBS Radio stations that will air the station include WWFS-FM in New York, KCBS-FM in Los Angeles, WXRT-FM in Chicago and KITS-FM in San Francisco.

It’s the first time a music Web site has been transformed into a broadcast station.
While hundreds of radio stations broadcast HD multicast channels, only a handful in the largest markets draw enough audience to make the Arbitron ratings. CBS Radio is banking that’s 25 monthly users will translate to larger audiences for HD Radio multicast channels.

“We believe this is exactly the type of programming that will help bring new listeners to the HD multicast frontier,” said David Goodman, president of CBS Interactive Music Group.  

The station will air an eclectic mix of music based on’s user-generated weekly charts, combined with live performances and interviews from’s New York studios.

Seth Neiman, digital content manager for the CBS Interactive Music Group, will direct the programming for the new station.