L.A. Shop Invites Marketers to ‘Share’ a Super Bowl Spot

NBC and Cesario Migliozzi are discussing a proposal by the Los Angeles-based ad shop to buy at least one of the network’s remaining Super Bowl spots and re-sell the time to eight different marketers, the agency confirmed.

All CM has to do is come up with the eight advertisers to participate.

If the plan comes to fruition, it would mark the first time multiple marketers have shared the same Super Bowl commercial to defray the cost of appearing in the game, according to the agency.

So far, CM has received numerous “expressions of interest,” as agency principle Michael Migliozzi put it, and the shop has extended rights of first refusal to several marketers, who remain undisclosed for now.

CM has set a deadline of Jan. 5 for advertisers to sign on and put up the cash for the spot.

The agency would charge each of the eight participating advertisers $395,000 to participate. That covers the $3 million media buy and leaves $160,000 to cover the cost of producing creative. (Some Super Bowl advertisers spend several times that amount to fashion original ads for the game.)

For their money, clients would have their logos appear throughout the 30-second spot and be listed on a special Web site, superbowlglory.com, that would remain online for a year. Viral videos for each client are also planned for the site and the companies would be listed in press releases should the project go forward.

Migliozzi said the ideal partners would be national advertisers with strong brand recognition but without budgets to fashion Super Bowl spots on their own.

Among others, the agency has talked to marketers such as Virgin Mobile, Facebook, Smart Cars, Puma, Vespa and the Hard Rock Cafe about the idea.

“Co-op ads have never been sold on the Super Bowl,” Migliozzi said. But in today’s economic climate “the idea makes a lot of sense. It’s a chance for marketers who are priced out of the Super Bowl to get their 30 seconds of Super Bowl fame. It gets them in for one eighth the cost of a stand-alone spot. And it is bound to be part of the feature story on Super Bowl advertising, which is as big a story as the game itself — and they will make marketing history.”

Migliozzi said the creative concept for the ad is still being developed. NBC reps didn’t return calls seeking comment.

CM recently gained attention for a campaign that used the devil in marketing materials to re-brand The Prayer Channel as New Evangelism Television.