Viceland Australia Spoofs Kendall Jenner Pepsi Commercial

Well done, Mark Humphries

A couple of spoofs have so far caught Fishbowl’s eye. Both, as it so happens, were made outside the U.S.

The first features a young British man who works as a general manager at a “Pepsi Rehabilitation Center.” His explanation of how he ascended to that position is, alas, NSFW, but bookmark it; when you get a chance, it’s well worth a view.

The second stars Australian comedian Mark Humphries and aired on the Wednesday edition of The Feed, a daily program broadcast on that country’s version of the Viceland TV channel. It’s slick and, best of all for Adweek readers, includes an imagining of the in-house meeting that led to the creation of the controversial spot.

Humphries basically parades around as a smiling version of the Jenner Pepsi angel. Along the way, he also sprinkles some magic fructose dust on the issues of climate change and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The latter sequence is made a bit more hilarious for foreign viewers by virtue of the fact that both negotiating reps have Aussie accents.