Katz Goes Electronic With Sale Orders

More than 90 percent of the radio stations represented by Katz Media Group will soon be able to process sales orders electronically. The new capability was jointly announced Monday (Dec. 1) by Katz and Marketron Broadcast Solutions, which will also provide timely proof-of-performance reports for all radio spot campaigns placed by Katz.

Beginning next month, Katz and Marketron will process electronic sales orders for Katz’s nationally represented business. Coupled with the systems Katz already has in place with Clear Channel Radio, more than 90 percent of the radio stations handled by Katz will be able to electronically accept or reject orders, confirm them electronically and move them directly into the station’s business system.

Advancing the radio business by eliminating the discrepancies that inevitably come with manual re-entries couldn’t come at a better time for the struggling radio business, which has suffered double digit declines in national spot advertising.

“One of the industry’s most important objectives is to make radio easier to buy,” said Pete D’Acosta, CEO for Marketron. “To achieve this we need to work toward an industry-wide electronic system that facilitates the electronic exchange of orders and invoices.”

This latest advancement in electronically streamlining the buying and selling of radio expands Katz’s e-business initiatives. “By continuing to build electronic links between the different agency and station business systems, we can improve radio’s ease of execution, make radio even more attractive and increase its value, all while providing the accountability that buyers demand. By adding all Marketron stations to our e-business initiative, we have changed the dynamics of the radio industry,” said Stu Olds, CEO of Katz.