John Walsh to Host New ‘World’s Most Wanted’

Long-running Fox staple America’s Most Wanted, hosted by John Walsh, is introducing World’s Most Wanted, which will focus on the compelling international cases from the vast library of America’s Most Wanted.

Also hosted and executive produced by Walsh, World’s Most Wanted will be available to any country, with each hour-long episode containing an optional availability for broadcasters to insert local cases, enabling viewers to bring justice to their country’s crime victims.

Said David Lyle, president of Fox International: “America’s Most Wanted is cost-effective and scalable to any territory. We are offering a smorgasbord of ways in which international broadcasters can participate in the success of AMW, from making a 100 percent local show to semicustomizing the format to make it more relevant to their domestic markets.”

Added John Walsh: “For nearly 25 years, America’s Most Wanted has been very successful in profiling and capturing the world’s most-wanted criminals. Now individual countries and cities have the opportunity to participate in this proven format to save lives and bring justice to victims throughout the world. We live in a global society and the bad guys know no borders.”

World’s Most Wanted will be available in 2011.