John Stamos Won’t Be Posting All of His Full House Pics Online

He tweets responsibly


Who John Stamos

Accomplishments Host of Yahoo Screen’s Losing It With John Stamos; star of USA Network drama Necessary Roughness; starred on ER; made his bones as Uncle Jesse on Full House

Base Los Angeles

What’s the first information you consume in the morning?

It used to be the newspaper; now it’s the computer. Sometimes I get upset at myself for going straight to the computer, but I can learn more from the computer than from reading five newspapers. On Twitter alone, you know exactly what’s going on. I also go to Huffington Post, Drudge [Report] and look for the top news stories.

You have a huge following on Twitter—1.2 million followers. How did you get into it?

Kevin Spacey first got me on there. I remember him telling me we’ll be able to say what we’re really feeling. They can say whatever they want in the press—make up whatever story they want, but this is our chance to tell our truth. That was really early on—about three months in—and then it became what it became.

Your Facebook presence isn’t too shabby, either. What’s your secret?

If I wanted to double my numbers right now, I’d put up every picture I own from the show Full House. I just don’t want to be manipulative. Also, I’m very Switzerland. I have a very strong opinion, but I don’t want to dump it on people. I’m not stupid. I want to sell TV shows; I want everyone to watch. I admire people that do; I’m just not one of them. If something fires me up, I’ll say something.

What do you listen to in the car?

That GPS woman’s voice is really condescending. I’m usually arguing with her. She’s such a bitch. Turn here! Turn there! If I’m working, I’m in the backseat learning my lines, and if not, I’m listening to music. I force myself to listen to new music, but I always go back to the ‘70s, ‘80s, Elvis channel, Frank Sinatra channel. I also listen to Howard Stern.

Are you a TV junkie?

No; you think I would be. I love documentaries because they’re real. I watched Searching for Sugar Man on iTunes. I sent it to 42 people. I have a hard time getting into movies. I watch a movie, and I’ll say, “Oh, it must have been cold that day” or “That doesn’t match.” I watch The Daily Show, Letterman. I’m not into shows like Boardwalk Empire or Breaking Bad.

You play a sports marketing guy on TV, but I’ve heard you’re not really into sports. Has your opinion changed?

I try to learn about it, but it just never naturally came to me. Actually, learning the medical jargon from ER was easier than learning the sports jargon for Necessary Roughness.

Do you have any favorite apps?

I love photography. I use Hipstamatic on my iPhone. I use Instagram; not enough, but I do.

How do you filter out the media noise?

Last night, at almost midnight, I said, “As soon as this computer dies, I’m going to bed.” You can find yourself spending hours on the computer. When the battery’s dead, that’s when I go to sleep.

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