The Flipside of Jim McBride’s Website Mr. Skin

Repository of film and TV female nude scenes was launched Aug. 10, 1999

Dangling at the bottom of Seth Abramovitch’s THR item about a billboard erected in Hollywood to mark the 18th birthday of is this final paragraph:

Not immune to Hollywood’s gender-parity debate, [Mr. Skin founder Jim] McBride launched in 2014, featuring the goods on everyone from Harvey Keitel to Jake Gyllenhaal. But traffic has disappointed. “We were naive,” he admits. “We thought there would be a huge amount of women coming. But it’s mostly gay men.”

Taking McBride at his demographic word, a quick glance at the Mr. Man home page reveals that Out magazine knew what it was doing when it put James Franco on the cover of its latest issue, as the actor is among the most popular celebrities on the site at press time. Coincidentally, when Franco spoke with Out, he did so from the International Dance Academy, located on Hollywood Blvd. just a few blocks east of the aforementioned Mr. Skin billboard. (Franco was there for his hip-hop lesson.)

It’s also worth noting that Mr. Man espouses zero journalistic pretense. The byline for each and every post that we perused on the site’s blog, including today’s item about Game of Thrones cast member Vladimir Furdik, is credited to Annie Position. A nom de plume that certainly one-ups our opening-paragraph puns.

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