iPhone Ads Beating Samsung Galaxy III Spots

Ace Metrix 'Watch List' report favors Apple

All those Samsung Galaxy S III ads still haven’t pushed the iPhone off its tech throne, according to Ace Metrix’s Brand of the Year Watch List released today. Apple’s iPhone 5, despite running one-third as many ads this year, is still stronger than the S III and made the Watch List while Samsung did not for its smartphone, according to Ace Metrix.

Samsung, however, made the list for its tablet ads while Apple did not for the popular iPad.

In the beverage category, brews Blue Moon and Samuel Adams made the Brand of the Year Watch List, as did juice/hydration brands Ocean Spray and Gatorade. London Olympics advertisers showed well among the list of candidates, including Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, General Electric, Visa and AT&T.

Ace Metrix scored national TV spots from 23 industries and 85 categories, rating brands that ran five or more creative pieces during 2012 as of Nov. 1. The Mountain View, Calif.-based measurement firm puts each brand commercial before a consumer panel of at least 500 to rate the spot's effectiveness based on numerous criteria.

In January 2013, it will announce its Brand of the Year based on data from all of 2012.