Intruders Star Mira Sorvino Waits Until Her Kids Are Asleep to Binge on Banshee

But it’s all about Gator Boys when they're awake


Who Mira Sorvino

Age 46

Accomplishments Oscar-winning actress, currently starring in The Intruders on BBC America (Saturdays at 10/9c); United Nations Goodwill Ambassador to Combat Human Trafficking

Base Los Angeles 

What’s the first information you consume in the morning?

I’ll check my phone and emails and maybe go on Twitter to get some news. I don’t really watch TV in the mornings; I’m pretty busy with my kids. If I can, I like to read a hard copy of The New York Times. But that doesn’t happen that often—maybe once or twice a week at most.

Who do you follow on Twitter for news?

I like Ryot News because there’s always an action that you can take after reading a news story. It’s proactive news transmission. If you’re angered by the inhumanity of something that’s happening that’s being described in an article, you can get involved at the end of it in some fashion.

Do you use any other social media platforms?

I do a little Instagram, I do a little Facebook. I’m not really good at Facebook, though. For some reason it’s too hard for me, which sounds ridiculous. Every time I try to do something, it sends me somewhere else. 


What’s your favorite app?

I have to say, I still really enjoy Hipstamatic. I just love playing with the photos and the effects. I don’t know if I really enjoy my other apps [laughs]—I mean I do like The New York Times crossword app, in the rare moment when I have enough free time to say, “I’m going to do a crossword!” When I was young and single and had no family, I would try to do the crossword a few times a week. But now, there’s no way.

What’s your stance on apps for kids?

In crisis mode, if there’s an absolute tantrum going on, then once in a while I’ll pass them the iPhone and they can play a game. We really try to limit it though. I’ve been to dinners with people who have kids that all have devices, and they never look up once. There’s no cross-generational talk. I don’t think it’s good for any of us when that happens. So, much to my children’s chagrin, I don’t let them play to their hearts’ content.

What TV shows do you watch?

When my children are awake, we watch things like Call of the Wildman and Gator Boys on Animal Planet and So You Think You Can Dance. When they’re asleep, my guilty pleasure is Banshee, which is super salacious and super violent but somehow I’ve overlooked that and really enjoy it. The characters and the story are compelling. My old standby is Law & Order: Criminal Intent because I love Vincent D’Onofrio. Usually, if I have insomnia, I’ll watch a couple of episodes of that. 

What’s on your reading list?

I have to finish the final couple of chapters of The Book of Immortality by Adam Gollner, which Glen Morgan, our showrunner for Intruders, gave me. It’s about different cultures’ quest for immortality. It’s a fantastic read but also depressing because toward the end, you realize, “Yeah, none of this works; we’re all going to die.”


Gator Boys


Call of the Wildman