Inside the Friends 25th Anniversary Experience in New York

From Smelly Cat to PIVOT! to Rachel's hairstyles

Video/Editor: Josh Rios
Headshot of Dianna McDougall

If it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month or even 25 years, Friends is still there for you. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the hit NBC show, the experiential creators at Superfly and Warner Bros. Television Group created an immersive activation in New York for fans. When the month-long pop-up was announced, tickets sold out in a mere three hours.

Whether you got tickets or have to console yourself by watching the series on Netflix—and coming soon to new streaming service HBO Max—Adweek has your look inside the experience. It is packed full of interactive photo opportunities and memories from the hit sitcom, with attendees getting to step into iconic scenes, view full costumes, check out props and grab a seat in a recreation of Central Perk.

Adweek, which is also celebrating a milestone anniversary this year, caught up with two of the most iconic recurring characters: Janice and Gunther. Check out the video to see what they have to say about the enduring fanfare of Friends.