Infographic: More Than 100 Million Movies Were Rented On Demand Last Year

The Martian was the top VOD rental of 2016

Women aged 25-54 are the most common renters of VOD movies.
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According to a new study from one2one Media, more marketers and film studios should pay attention to the rental VOD space.

one2one Media helps clients tackle both addressable television ads at scale and the in-home entertainment field of renting movies through your cable or satellite set-top box. The company sifted through data from 2016 within the U.S. to reveal who’s renting and why.

“Currently, there is no industry report for this type of data,” said Karen Abram, svp of entertainment at one2one. “A lot of what people see is strictly theatrical data, but we pay attention to the behavior behind rental sales instead of the theatrical advertising itself.”

The data includes the types of movies most commonly rented, and when those rentals take place. The information is only from rental VOD data and doesn’t include electronic sell-through (or EST) rentals through services like Amazon or iTunes. Of the more than 40 different cable/satellite options for renting movies, Comcast typically has the largest footprint of sales.

“There’s so much more data out there for studios to use in order to optimize their spend,” added Jamie Power, COO of one2one.

After accounting for multi-genre movies, one2one was able to determine that just over 112 million movies were rented last year.

“Studios often need to spend their budgets, but there’s real data out there that can help them plan more efficiently,” said Power.