‘Idol’ Tops DVR Playback Chart

NEW YORK Broadcast shows had the largest audiences tuning in via DVR in 2008 while cable programs posted the largest rating gains on a percentage basis when DVR playback was factored in (a reflection of their smaller audiences), according to a tally released today by Nielsen Media Research.
Nielsen tallied gains in average household viewing and percentage gain for network and cable shows factoring in DVR playback within seven days of the original telecast. The tallies were based on viewing data from Jan. 1 to Nov. 30, 2008.

Fox’s Tuesday edition of American Idol topped the list of shows with the biggest gain in households, adding almost 2.2 million homes via DVR playback on average. The Wednesday edition of Idol was ranked second, adding close to 2 million homes. Rounding out the top 5: Heroes on NBC (adding 1.8 million homes); Lost on ABC (adding 1.8 million homes); and Fringe on Fox (adding 1.6 million homes).
Sci Fi Channel’s Battlestar Galactica was the biggest gainer when comparing its live household rating to its live +7 rating, adding 53 percent. USA Network’s Burn Notice was No. 2 with an increase of 37 percent. Rounding out the top 5: NBC’s Heroes, CW’s 90210 and Sci Fi’s Sanctuary, all posting 35 percent gains.
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