Hulu’s Headquarters Reflect the Streaming Giant’s Values

Now that Hulu is already a decade old, the company is essentially a founding father in the latest tech boom. Although it may be old guard, Hulu is still paving the way in the industry with innovative original series, groundbreaking deals like last year's Seinfeld acquisition, and even its Santa Monica, Calif., headquarters. In 2013, the Hulu HQ underwent a massive redesign, adding space for more employees while also taking special care to tailor the new digs to current employees.

"Before moving into this building, we conducted months of surveys and gathered data on everything from seating to office location to make sure the space was a true reflection of the Hulu team values, which include embracing work and play," said Hulu workplace experience and facilities director Sara Mailloux. Now the office has ample space for employees, visitors and creators to seamlessly work and play without leaving the building.


Private Theater

“All Hulu employees, fondly known as Hulugans, are also invited to book the screening room for their team needs,” said Mailloux. “While business purposes take precedent, from time to time teams will use it for morale events, watching movies or playing video games.”


Room to Stretch

Voltron, Hulu’s largest meeting space, is a theater and conference room that can hold up to 200 people.


Eat and Play

“We [also] hold monthly team meetings [in the kitchen area] dubbed ‘wind downs’ where executives and team leaders present company highlights,” said Mailloux. 


Photo Wall

CEO Mike Hopkins chose this photo concept himself. When he came to Hulu, he knew he would have to get used to wearing fewer suits.


The Simpsons

Fox, one of Hulu’s ownership partners, gifted the statues during Hulu’s first year.


This story first appeared in the May 2, 2016 issue of Adweek magazine.
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