Hulu Users Reveal the Weirdest Places They’ve Watched TV

Survey shows they lie about what they consume

Some Hulu viewers can, and will, watch TV anywhere.
Photo Illustration: Dianna McDougall; Source: Getty Images

TV viewers are pretty dedicated to their craft, according to a new study released from Hulu.

Hulu surveyed almost 500 members of the Hulu Brain Trust, a group of core users that are invited to answer polls and questionnaires about Hulu services and other TV habits. In a series of surveys surrounding the “true confessions of a TV watcher,” Hulu discovered how “personal television has become.”

Now that television has become more portable than ever, Hulu asked its users where’s the craziest place they’ve watched TV.

“Our findings reaffirm viewers need to have more choices and flexibility when it comes to TV,” said a Hulu spokesperson. “If that means tuning in on a mobile device during a wedding ceremony or viewing on a tablet in the bathroom, TV should be tailor-made for the individual.”

In another edition of this survey, Hulu discovered that 48 percent of TV watchers have lied to their friends about having seen a TV show. Additionally, men ages 18 to 49 are twice as likely to lie about shows they have “watched.”

“We already uncovered that being ‘in the know’ about TV is so important that it’s even worth lying about to be a part of the conversation,” said Hulu. “It’s a social currency.”

After discovering how important watching, or even lying about watching, can be to people, Hulu then asked the extent to which TV watchers have gone in order to catch up on their favorite series.

According to Hulu, 42 percent of respondents admitted to canceling plans just to watch a TV show, and about 24 percent of them admitted to putting their kids to bed a little early in order to have some TV time.

These core Hulu users have shown that keeping up with their favorite television shows is more important than ever, but so is just seeming like they’re up to date.