How TV Shows Are Beaming Over the Supreme Court’s Gay Marriage Ruling


From the White House to Westeros, from Litchfiled Pen to McKinley High, your favorite TV shows have been sharing the love all day following this morning's Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage in all 50 states.

We start with the ladies from Litchfield Pen:

Modern Family went with Mitch and Cam, natch:

And from Brooklyn 99, Capt. Holt and husband Kevin Cozner:

While the ruling doesn't extend to Westeros, Renly is proud:

Two Shonda Rhimes shows deliver the message with a similar look:

Even programs no longer in production, but which have been supportive of the cause all along, shared the love:

President Obama's sentiment was retweeted by President Underwood, adding his own devious twist:

And, really, how could you not?