Horizon Media Signs With Nielsen Advanced Audience to Refine TV Ad Spend

Service aims to help marketers better prove ROI

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Agencies are looking for more granular audience data to guide their ad spend. Nielsen, Horizon Media
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Horizon Media has become the first media services agency to use Nielsen’s Advanced Audience solution in hopes of boosting the performance of its television ad spend.

Nielsen Advanced Audience is a suite of tools that offers media buyers the ability to optimize their placements by identifying specific audience segments such as “new parents” or “first-time car buyers” as well as forecasting and post-campaign measurement features.

The agreement marks the first time Nielsen Advanced Audience Solution will be used by a scaled media buyer—Horizon Media clients include household brands such as Corona and Geico—with the aim of better proving ROI on television ad spend.

It also means Horizon Media can use Nielsen Advanced Audience’s forecasting tool to understand available linear TV ad impressions up to a year in advance across all national networks.

Michele Donati, svp and managing director at Horizon Media, said in a statement the deal will help the media-buying company provide clients with a more holistic view of their desired audiences.

“This agreement is an evolution of our commitment to advertiser-defined audiences, and we are excited to work with Nielsen to unlock the full potential and value that advanced audiences have to offer,” Donati said.

Samantha Rose, svp of video investment at Horizon Media, said using the newly available tool will help the agency’s planning and buying teams improve their audience targeting beyond basic segments such as age and gender, and “break down existing silos and create a seamless workflow.”

Rose added, “We have a history of using advanced audience segments during the planning process; however, the value of these data-defined audiences are even greater when they are used for activation and post-campaign measurement.”

Kelly Abcarian, general manager of Nielsen Advanced Video Advertising, also weighed in with her own statement.

“Horizon Media is leveraging the power of our solution to reaffirm its commitment and leadership in this space to transact on advertiser-defined audiences in a frictionless and reliable way to plan, negotiate and reconcile linear TV buys in the same way they use Nielsen data for age and gender today,” Abcarian said.

@ronan_shields ronan.shields@adweek.com Ronan Shields is a programmatic reporter at Adweek, focusing on ad-tech.