Here’s What People Had to Say About Megyn Kelly Interviewing a Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theorist

Outrage at the prospect of Alex Jones getting a larger platform

If you haven’t heard of Alex Jones, what you need to know is that he is a conspiracy theorist, one who believes Sept. 11 is an “inside job,” one who has for years insisted that the massacre of 20 children and 6 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School was a staged event using actors.

There are also subsidiary facts, such as the fact that Jones is a supporter of President Trump, and vice versa.

This last bit is reason, according to Megyn Kelly, to interview the nonsense peddler on her new show.

And so the man who uses his platform, Infowars, to create an environment of hysteria and false information that inspires listeners to actions like bringing a gun into a pizza place filled with families or harrassing the families of Sandy Hook victims with phone calls, death threats and in-person confrontations–that man gets a larger platform because the president is a fan of his.

Kelly tweeted out a preview clip of the interview, which airs next Sunday, featuring Jones continuing to hawk his delusions.

In response to criticism that the interview will serve to legitimize Jones, Kelly had this to say:

Twitter had a response to that, and more, with some extending their criticism not just to Kelly but to NBC as well.

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