Here’s How You Can Optimize Preroll Campaigns for the Best Possible Response

6-second ads might be the solution, according to a new study

Sixty-five percent of people skip preroll ads, so how do you optimize the time you have with viewers?
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People are all about skipping ads, but that doesn’t mean those ads aren’t effective. In fact, there are some creative ways advertisers can make their ads even more memorable.

Magna, the intelligence and investment arm of IPG Mediabrands, and IPG Media Lab released results of a study of preroll ads. The report “used experimental design to replicate online video experiences in order to measure attention, emotional response, and impact on traditional brand metrics for skippable preroll ads,” according to the company.

More than 11,000 consumers were involved, and 23 types of ads in eight different industry verticals were measured.

Around 76 percent of people said they skip ads because it’s just an ingrained behavior. And they skip them right away. But according to the report, even people who skipped ads still experienced an increased awareness of the brand.

“More succinct ads, coupled with human connection and good storytelling, will help brands more deeply engage with its audiences,” said Kara Manatt, svp of intelligence solutions strategy at Magna.

Here are some of the other highlights of the study:

  • Consider using six-second, nonskippable ads to help compliment other preroll campaigns. They might “impact consumers that would have otherwise skipped.”
  • Attempt to create an emotional connection with the viewer through storytelling to “raise awareness and brand opinions.”
  • If you use a story arc sooner rather than later, it will help increase an ad’s impact since people are skipping ads so soon.
  • Since most people skip ads (65 percent of those surveyed), the challenge might be to utilize shorter ads, like the six-second suggestion, in order to curb ad-skipping rates.

The challenge with preroll inventory is achieving all of that in a tiny amount of time. Just like any other ad, people seem to respond to relatable content, tied to emotions, that catches their eye.

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